Deep water Aqua Aerobics

Have you ever tried Deep Water Aqua Aerobics?

By the time  you read this very post you might be familiar with different kinds of exercise in water. You might be getting ready to start that incredible journey into water world. Whether you are an experienced student or a novice I invite you to take a better look at the challenges you face while in the water.

You already know how beneficial and reduced-impact the water activities are, but I would like to mention deep water Aqua Aerobics here.

One means of improving health and fitness is through overloading. On land, in order to enhance our appearance or lose weight, different pieces of equipment are used such as weights, resistance bands, our own weight etc. Whereas in water, the water resistance itself is a great tool to use it in order to overload different body systems. It is important to be aware of the properties of the water and the performance of the body should be mastered before introducing any kind of equipment.

When a student starts to explore deep water aqua fitness they are being challenged to:

  • Keep the balance,
  • Understand, feel and manage the water resistance for the best results.

To master the skill of exercising, one will need some time to make the transition from feeling the alien environment of the water to being able to manage themselves and an activity to the extent that they decide whether they want this activity to be mild or intensive.

Imagine yourself in a Deep-Water Aqua aerobics class and you are about to start exercising, the challenges you face straight away while the always moving water is trying to knock you off you place are:

  • Your feet have no contact with the solid base, which you usually have  all the time on land,
  • To stay upright,
  • To keep a good posture and a correct alignment before you start the exercises.

Maintaining the above is already the perfect training for your body, especially for stabilizers even before you start applying the effort into the workout itself.

The same idea lies in exercising while standing on an unstable base. Aqua Stand up and Bosu training use one of the laws and principles of the water, i.e. being unstable. In my opinion the water is already sufficiently unstable environment without any additions required. As explained above the resistance of the water provides the diverse and enjoyable workout, nothing else needed.

My hope is you, the reader, will benefit and enjoy the experience that Deep-Water Aqua Aerobics gives.


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