How does happiness depend on health


Happiness is my new name

Happiness is my new name. My first article was recently published in Russian media and I have translated it into English for my blog.

Happiness. What is it? When we are young, energetic and happy, it does not often occur to us that this may not be forever. We have many plans, ideas and hopes. We have dreams, which we want with great zeal because we have our whole life ahead of us. We think we know everything. There are old people among our relatives and community. It is plain to see unpleasant changes that have occurred during their lives.  Hunchbacked due to life’s burdens, we see how difficult it is for them to move about. Their slowness can be annoying. A bouquet of diseases and life at the doctor’s office – is what they have to look forward to?

In a healthy body healthy mind!

Do we really think that such an outcome is inevitable? Most likely this does not come to mind at all and we may think that we will be amongst those few lucky ones at old age that are seemingly fit, energetic and happy.

Meeting with a friend. Episode One

Recently I met my classmate and girlfriend for a coffee. Almost immediately after she finished school, she got married and later gave birth to a son. We lost touch for about ten years. When we met again, she was divorced and met someone else. I noticed that she had gained a little weight. Nothing surprising? Agree?

Another ten years passed, and we met again at the cafe. I was happy to learn that her adult son had graduated and he plans to find a professional career. She is happily married to that same man. She just retired from her successful career as a lawyer. They live in the house they built. The family income allows them to work for their own pleasure. She enjoys gardening and is planning to become an artist. I saw before myself, a successful and happy woman. It did not escape me that she gained more weight….

As we grow, we change

As we get older, our plans, ideas, hopes and dreams change. Some of these may be fulfilled and others, we have to let go but we still have expectations that help us go forward.

Everything changes, we change. The process of growing up is a very gradual process. Our body grows up, which eventually undergoes natural changes. Aging occurs in all organs and systems of the body.

At a certain point in time, it becomes clear that one must buy new clothes because the one that was worn yesterday has become small. Tomorrow we prefer to rest a little more, because we are tired a little more doing the usual routines for which always had energy.

This continues until the time our body starts to feel pain while doing our daily routine. If you leave everything as it is, then the health will deteriorate, accumulating pain until it becomes a part of our lives, turning us into ‘old’ people.

This is not just because the aging process is a natural process, but because it is ours, even if not consciously, but our choice. We are so used to it. After all, while we are young and energetic, we can eat anything and as much as we like, this does not affect our body shape. The body is strong and flexible and it seems, it will always be so. It will not! So, let’s change!

Meeting with a friend. Episode Two

Although my friend had the accepted attributes of a happy life (many consider a happy life in this way), she was sad while telling me that she was going to consult a doctor the next day. Her back hurts. Sometimes the lower back, sometimes the spine in the thoracic region. Sometimes the joints of the hands hurt.

I, as a specialist in the field of fitness and sports, understand that this visit will be useless for her. How many doctors do you think will recommend physical activity in order to lead an active lifestyle? Knowledgeable doctors who will explain that strong muscles support the spine in its natural position, thereby protecting against degenerative changes may result in deformation of the spine and/or pain in the joints …


Is life possible without pain? Happy life? Life, if one day you do not get into your favorite dress or pants, you will not be upset? You will take the situation painlessly and say to yourself: “Whatever!” Life moves on and it is time to replace this dress or these trousers with other favorite clothes. This is the time to accept changes in your body and change your lifestyle to still feel strong and energetic.

Then it is possible to live a long and happy life, because we are healthy. Everything depends on us. If we are ready to change our lifestyle, we can avoid the many health problems that, by habit, are attributed to certain ages. With a healthy body comes a healthy mind!

Meeting with a friend. Episode Three

I asked my friend if we could talk about her lifestyle and she agreed. I became the ‘doctor’ to whom she was going to see.

I immediately asked if she was doing any physical exercises. She was happy to tell me that she was doing morning floor exercises, swimming and recently fell in love with walking tours, which can last up to three hours. She has not exercised for two months, as she was ill. I found out what exercises she was doing. As a specialist, I was not satisfied with her answer regarding her choice of exercises.

We talked about food. I know about balanced diets. And although I am not a nutritionist, my girlfriend’s nutrition system leaves much to be desired. She goes for massage, which can help to eliminate her back pain for a while, but not the root cause of the pain …

Walking with confidence

A person who walks with confidence i.e. good posture, upright, walking with purposeful strides, can catch your eye.  This is achieved by having strong core muscles, but this does not necessarily have to be associated with youth. A good posture is a guarantee of a strong back and that the internal organs are functioning correctly. Correct posture can be a characteristic feature of both men and women at any age.

Sport as an indispensable part of our life

Perhaps, just thinking about sports can discourage one to engage in it, especially amongst those of us who were not encouraged to take part in sporting activities during childhood. Athletes are different. They have a goal – to become the best in their chosen sport. Their lives revolve around sporting achievements and exhausting daily training. They live from competition to competition. We do not want to compete, do we?

Of course, it is necessary to make a strong-willed effort to amend our lifestyle by adding suitable exercises aimed at strengthening our physical form. Natural good posture indicates the attribute of health which will be preserved for many years. Good health is one of the main components of happiness.

When to start

It’s simple, start now!

Little by little. You can start with easy and useful exercises in the morning to wake your body up, recharge your batteries and receive a charge of energy.

It is necessary to love what we have to do in order to enjoy it and continue with it. We can start with a short set of exercises for about fifteen minutes after waking up.

Ready to perform morning exercises? Then go ahead. Every morning, even if you missed one session, you do not have to be upset about it. Tomorrow, having performed a set of exercises, we will feel the difference and feel the satisfaction during the day. We will want to do it again as soon as we wake up.

If you are about 40 years old

We begin to notice that it becomes harder and harder to carry out our daily duties.

You want to rest more frequently, “catch your breath.” Sometimes you may “grab” your back so that it is not possible to straighten, or “pop” in the heart. What is happening? We already know by heart the names of medicines and ointments that will “help”, because we constantly see ads.

It is much better to start morning daily exercises willingly instead of when your body starts to feel stiff and pain.

Do not wait for the moment when it’s too late. Let’s start now! Then you do not have to try and change your way of life when it may be too late. If morning exercises are part of your daily routine, you would not want to start the day without it. Once morning exercises are part of your daily routine, you can add other forms of physical activities such as sports, fitness classes, swimming etc. Remember: only activities that you enjoy will become a part of your lifestyle and it is recommended that you look for such activity. Only then you will lead a healthy and happy life.

Meeting with a friend. Another, but not the final episode

I explained to her that if she does a recommended set of exercises daily, it will certainly start to bear fruit after a period of time. Once you start seeing results, it is very important to keep continuing. At this stage, it is important to supplement this with other forms of physical activities regularly over the week. Since there is no such food that taken once will nourish your body for the rest of your life similarly, there is no magic exercise that once performed, you will stay in shape for many years.

Now everything depends on her, whether she will be able to change her way of life and follow it. Time will tell.


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  1. Olga, well done
    Really inspiring article,
    I have no comment on the subject but I’d like to say that I spent my break time today readying this article, it really filled in my mind and soul.
    Just keep it up and push forward , you have the talent and knowledge.
    Looking forward for more…

  2. Very inspiring article Olga! I Love it!
    Keep it up and Best of Luck 🙂

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