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How does happiness depend on health


Happiness is my new name

Happiness is my new name. My first article was recently published in Russian media and I have translated it into English for my blog. Read more →

9 reasons why breaststroke could be your favourite stroke too

I love swimming breaststroke

Here are 9 reasons breaststroke could be your favourite stroke too:

  1. I used to swim breaststroke competitively. The choice was made for me rather than by me before swimming became an important part of my life. This video is for demonstration purposes only in order to show you how to swim breaststroke competitively.

Read more →

Let us talk about the “frog” stroke. Breaststroke

Who knows what I mean by breaststroke? If you hear the word breaststroke what do you think of? When I asked my friend Angelika, Read more →

Swimming, yoga, meditation

Swimming is simply moving meditation. I don’t remember where I found this quote. Most probably on Brainy Quotes. It came to mind on a rainy morning the following day after the International Aquatic Fitness Conference was over, which took place in Palm Harbor, Florida, while I was swimming in a pool at Innisbrook, A Salamander Golf &Spa Resort. Read more →

Teaching swimming according to the dimensions of a swimming pool

Have you ever thought that the way a swimming teacher teaches swimming will depend on the dimensions of a swimming pool? Read more →

My favourite swimming drill

In this post I would like to talk about my favourite swimming drill which is done by combining freestyle kick and breaststroke arms. My friend, colleague and great swimming coach Read more →

Enjoy the moment!

Recently I flicked through my documents and found one with the list of recommendations that I made for my former clients’ son when he was about two or three years old and I had swimming classes with him for a while. They planned to go to the beach to swim in the sea and asked me for some advice because their son had only experienced swimming in an indoor pool. After we discussed several general aspects I gave them the following list: Read more →

A good quality workout

In my previous post I suggested we discuss the qualities of a good workout and realized that it was not that easy to answer. The same could be said when asking how many sessions one needs to learn to swim. We understand that the result is important but the distance can be quite long to get from A to B. Read more →

Let us discuss the qualities of a good workout.

Dear Friends! I have some questions for you!

Let’s discuss together.

Have you ever thought of a training session which would cover almost all components of fitness and as a result you would learn to swim?

In general, how would you describe a good quality workout? How would you like to feel after the workout?

I would really appreciate it if you share your thoughts and opinions. You can always learn more about me or contact me.

Teaching swimming.

How do swimming coaches and teachers teach? Swimming teachers might swim properly, they might have a swimming background, they might have a clear picture of how a student should execute a drill or a technique, but how well can a teacher explain the techniques and demonstrate movements? Read more →

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