I enjoy swimming.

So, here it is. I swim. I don’t do it to compete, or win a prize, or to set a record. I do it for health and fitness. I do it for fun and I enjoy it! Today swimming is my lifelong activity.  I can feel my body even taller than when I am on the land which helps a lot in preventing any problems with my back and joints in the future. I hope, we will see.

I have personal evidence of the physical benefits from regular swimming.  When I finished school at the age of 17 my height was 170 cm. To my astonishment in my 30s I discovered I became 172. There is a funny story behind it. I have two friends and that time when we spent time together I noticed that whenever I was talking to my friend I would look at her from above. The other friend felt even shorter. When I asked them about their heights they both said they were 170. I could hardly believe that as I was also 170. I decided to measure our heights. It was that moment I measured my height and it was 172. My friend turned out to be 169.5. And our friend was 168. We laughed. I believe my height increased because of swimming.

I am a water baby. I feel like a fish when I swim. I enjoy the feeling I can manage my workout by simply adding more effort to make it more powerful or do it in a relaxed way. And I am the one to distribute the physical efforts all over my body the way I wish whether I want to feel my swimming powerful today or I just want to swim in a relaxed way tomorrow.

I have full awareness of my breathing during swimming. I feel how the air fills my lungs fully and how I squeeze it out, using my nose, humming sometimes. I love how I feel after I have been swimming. I feel as though I could fly! It leaves me feeling at one with myself and the World!..

When I am asked how far I can swim I honestly believe that I could swim forever if I chose to but this is not why I swim.

For me swimming is an all-round fitness activity and I do it by simply alternating three main strokes because my muscles will be working differently, my joints will be moving with different range of motion. I rarely swim butterfly. In my opinion it’s the most beautiful and powerful stroke which I associate with swimming competitions, if executed correctly it is feast for the eyes.

Why do I enjoy it? Because I feel confident in the water. I believe confidence and enjoyment come together through the activity of swimming. Whether I teach people with zero experience or those who can move themselves successfully through the water there are the following objectives I aim at achieving:

–          Feel confident in the water

–          Overall fitness

–          General well – being

–          Learn how to swim

–          Life preservation.

I always alternate breathing exercises with some particular drills to teach water confidence whether I teach non-swimmers in shallow or deep water.

Breathing rhythm is essential. On the land we don’t pay attention to how we breathe whereas during swimming the time to breathe in is limited and the lungs should be fully filled. For some people it might be difficult to breathe out under water, especially if I ask them to exhale through the nose.

If you are here and you have read my first post I would be really glad to get your feedback.


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  1. Very interesting

  2. Very interesting post!

  3. Very interesting!!!

  4. Discussions with Olga showed that many issues, which we also have in Halliwick are a part of her teaching. I swam since I am a little boy: the first member in the swimming club, founded by my father. Later also swimming teacher, swim coach for persons with special needs and at the same time specializing in aquatic physical therapy. I do not swim that much anymore, but trying to make persons (with an impairment) to enjoy moving in water and feel the – health – effects on their body is a big part of my professional life. Healthy living through movement in water, wether swimming or other movements has advantages, often over land based movement.

  5. I was a professional swimmer in my country back in my teens. Since I stopped swimming my muscles became stiff… when I went back swimming while pregnant was the best experience ever! Looking forward to retake swimming for health and fun. Thank you for reminding me how beautiful and unique swimming is 😍🏊‍♀️💙💦

  6. Liudmila Bochkanova

    December 26, 2017 — 4:06 pm

    Интересный пост. Я тоже поддерживаю идею распространения плавания ради жизни, ради гармоничного и необходимого навыка, а не ради выживания и работы на пределе.
    Ольга, а давайте порассуждаем на тему: как обучить человека держаться на воде в условиях глубокой воды. Поделитесь опытом.

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