Let us discuss the qualities of a good workout.

Dear Friends! I have some questions for you!

Let’s discuss together.

Have you ever thought of a training session which would cover almost all components of fitness and as a result you would learn to swim?

In general, how would you describe a good quality workout? How would you like to feel after the workout?

I would really appreciate it if you share your thoughts and opinions. You can always learn more about me or contact me.


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  1. A good quality workout – should make a person happy, ready to jump and swim with just enough flexibility, warm enough to pump the energy, quick enough to be gracefully fast, smile in between without much difficulty in breathing, and finish feeling on top of the world. And all this should just be the beginning of the day.

  2. Good quality workout brings pleasant feeling of tiredness in muscles plus absolutely great mood after it! Sure, the result after trainings must be seen visualy and I should feel it in my body.

    It involves flexibility and strength and is based on level of particilar person.
    Not necessarily it should be filled with equipment, it could be experience with your own body weight, especially for those who just started journey in sports and still don’t feel strong enough to handle extra weight.
    I think planning accordingly health conditions is important. Also meal and training plan are essential!

  3. For me, a workout is good when I feel tired, but good afterward. For me it has an emotional weight – if I don’t feel productive like I completed something difficult, this workout was not helpful.

    In a physical sense, I think a good workout must cover the entire body. One cannot target just one muscle – like abs – and hope only his/her stomach will become flat. You have to work out fully, targeting arms on one day, legs on another, and fitting a little bit of cardio before or after every workout. Nutrition also plays a big role – eating well (and correctly) ensures that all your hard work will pay off in the end:)

  4. I can only agree with the previous comments. That good quality workout should be in harmony and/or harmonize the energy balance of the day. It should crate a wish to be compliant and give the feeling of “I want more”

  5. Well let’s see. As a matter of effectiveness, a good quality work out would be holistic, covering several muscle groups and not only specific ones. At the end of it one would feel tired, even exhausted but would also have a sense of accomplishment. Mentally, a good quality work out would leave the person satisfied and happy with the achievement. Swimming would be ideal for high quality work out, as it exercises all of the body, provides opportunities for both cardio and HIIT, it is injury free and is a life saving skill. 🙂

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