Swimming in a fitness club.

Swimming and swimming classes in a fitness club

Whatever reason is for people to swim, from a business point of view any company or freelancer aims to make a profit. It means that they want their clients to return again and again.

While children are a regular source of income for any business because their parents want their offspring to achieve what they won’t able to, even if it is just not to drown. Adults are different because they decide how they spend their money and which activities they will follow in their spare time.

In my career today I have worked for fitness clubs for about 20 years. But there was a period of time when I was my own boss making my living by myself. I needed to sell the product constantly. Whether I work for a private company or myself, my goals are same, i.e. I want to be stimulating enough to make the clients come back again. In my opinion being loyal to the company is a must in order to keep clients and for the personal satisfaction for a trainer.

The aim of swimming for adults

So, why do adults swim?

Why do they want to learn how to swim, when school and university days are over. They are settled having families or they are single .They work and there is spare time when adults start to think of engaging in physical activities. Apart from the most obvious reason to obtain one of the fundamental life skills, what would be the aim? New records? Participating in competitions? Or just the desire to stay active and fit?

Fitness clubs can offer a variety of such activities including water activities. Some people, who are friends with the water, they feel comfortable in the water, go swimming by themselves, swimming up and down for quite a time, sometimes using the same stroke. Maybe with the same flaws if they haven’t learnt to swim properly at a swimming club when a child.

The role of a swimming teacher in a fitness club

If there are swimming classes on a fitness club’s schedule, the clients can choose to participate in these classes. It is when a swimming teacher can encounter students of all abilities. Those who are brand new to swimming, those who swim with the head out of the water which can be really harmful to the very sensitive areas of the body, neck and lower back, and those who consider themselves as proficient swimmers.

If I observe them swimming, I can see all the flaws of their techniques and therefore I know that these so called swimmers would not be able to swim for long effortlessly  and enjoy the benefit of the activity.

People are people! They maybe not consistent in their intention to do something on a regular basis. But the aim of a swimming trainer is to provide swimming classes so that they are stimulating enough for the clients to come back. How can one do it?

I came to understand that a swimming class in a fitness club could be more than where a client can learn how to swim or improve their technique. Apart from that it should be beneficial for health and fitness, help in reliving some health issues, release the mind and then becomes an activity the client enjoys and will want to come back again and again. Plus such a class should be suitable for people of all abilities even if they are not regular clients.

The content of a swimming session in a fitness club

As swimming is a complex sequence of actions it is clear that it should be learnt step by step and the most effective way to do this is use of drills.

For those thinking of military style drills please put that analogy out of mind, here we are using repetition to achieve military perfection but without military style.

A drill can be defined as a way of isolating part of a complex stroke sequence, to learn and perform it correctly.

Isolating a part of a whole stroke is supposed to be easy for a student to visualize the movement and then execute it.

By using drills a teacher can target specific aspects of a stroke, helping the swimmer practice correct techniques and at the same time the teacher can make required corrections if needed.

When a particular drill is performed almost seamlessly and flawlessly it is time for the student to move towards a whole stroke by combining the drills achieved so far.

A drill is a good tool for a workout. A particular sequence or combination of drills can make a swimming class in a fitness club useful and enjoyable and not just for the learning to swim process. Constant attention to technique while practicing drills can provide the correct technique and all round fitness.

All the above can be achieved by using easy-to-learn drills which will help to master the strokes easily and quickly.

Just remember! Only practice makes perfect!


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  1. Very well stated. I love the way you’ve made it clear that particular drills can make swimming enjoyable and useful and not just for the swimming process! Beautiful.

  2. Tony MacGuinness

    June 26, 2019 — 2:38 pm


  3. thank you! it’s very interesting!

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